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The Virtua Striker video games are arcade-style football/soccer sports video games by Sega. Originally developed by Sega AM2, the series moved to Enjoyment Vision with Virtua Striker 3. Yet the series transferred to Sega Sports Layout R&D Dept. with Virtua Striker 4. The initial Virtua Demonstrator, launched in 1994, was the initial association football video game to use 3D computer graphics, and also was likewise noteworthy for its very early use structure mapping, together with Sega'’ s very own racing computer game Daytona UNITED STATES. Just 2 video games in the series have actually been released on residence consoles – Virtua Demonstrator 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, as well as Virtua Striker 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube.


The major gallery series consists of:

  • Virtua Striker ( 1994 )
  • Virtua Striker 2 ( 1997 )
    • Virtua Striker 2 ver. '’ 98(
    • upgrade, 1998) Virtua Striker 2 ver. ‘ 99( update,
    • 1998). 'Virtua Striker 2 ver. ‘
  • 99.1( upgrade, 1998) Virtua Demonstrator 2 ver.
    • 2000( upgrade, 1999 ). Virtua Striker 2 ver. 2000.1( Sega Dreamcast port; December 1999; named Virtua Demonstrator 2 in US version)
  • Virtua Striker 3 ( 2001 ).
    • Virtua Striker 2002 ( 2002 ).
      • Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002 ( Nintendo GameCube port; February 2002; called Virtua Demonstrator 2002 in United States variation)
  • Virtua Striker 4 ( 2004 ).Read here At our site
    • Virtua Striker 4 ver. 2006 ( 2006 )
  • The original Virtua Striker game obtained Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports, distributed respectively with Xbox Live Gallery and also PlayStation Network, in February 2013, solely for Japan.


    The initial Virtua Striker made use of Sega'’ s Sega Design 2 hardware. The Virtua Demonstrator 2 series work on Sega Version 3, with the exception of Virtua Striker 2 ver. 2000, which appeared on the Dreamcast-based NAOMI system. Virtua Demonstrator 3 was released for the NAOMI 2; succeeding installations (Virtua Striker 2002 and also Virtua Striker 4) utilized the GameCube-based Triforce equipment. Virtua Demonstrator 4 included a card system as well as smart phone syncing, enabling gamers to set up approaches and formations on the move.

    The game consists of a single-elimination knock-out competition with 16 groups (like in the knock-out phase of the FIFA World Cup), with each suit enduring 2 minutes by default, plus injury time and, if the suit finishes in a draw, one additional minute of premature death. If the draw persists, charge shootouts are made use of to choose the victor. In the console versions as well as Virtua Striker 4, suits are divided in two halves of one and a half min each, with replacements allowed at half time. Virtua Demonstrator 4 additionally includes a certifying match, which grants accessibility to the event correct if won.

    The video game runs with three switches: one for passing (which is also used for gliding tackles when not in ownership of the ball), one for long rounds (which instantly crosses if the player is running alongside package) as well as one for shots, which can be billed or, if the player gets on the obtaining end of a cross, touched for a header or battery finish. The Beginning button is made use of to alternate in between each team'’ s two offered tactical plans prior to and also throughout a suit (besides the first video game, which had no such auto mechanic, as each team included its own pre-programmed formation) – while each has an offending or protective mentality, the development of selection before kick-off will certainly influence in which formation the team will certainly adopt a neutral attitude. Virtua Striker 4 additionally added a sprint switch.

    The series has been ported to consoles on 2 events: Virtua Demonstrator 2 for the Dreamcast (launched in Japan and also Europe as Virtua Demonstrator 2 ver. 2000.1) as well as Virtua Striker 2002 for the GameCube (Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002 in Japan). Virtua Demonstrator was likewise included as a minigame in Sega'’ s PlayStation 2 EyeToy-based video game, Sega Superstars.

    The first three video games of the series (counting also the Virtua Demonstrator 2 revisions, yet not the 2002 modification of Virtua Striker 3) feature a hidden group called FC Sega, composed of the game'’ s developing personnel, which always encounters the player'’ s team in unique matches after the gamer wins the last match, and also can be chosen via a special rip off code.

    Virtua Demonstrator 2 attributes 2 other concealed groups in addition to FC Sega: MVP Yukichan as well as MVP Royal Genki (exclusive to Variation 2000.1), both of which include unusual, cartoonish personalities. The initial group choice BGM from the very first game likewise exists, as well as can be listened to through an unique code.

    In Virtua Demonstrator 3 and the GameCube port, ver. 2002, there is an unlockable team called FC Sonic. This team is comprised of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Eggman ( that plays as the goalkeeper), 4 Neutral Chao, a Dark Chao, and also a Hero Chao, and also has Sonic'’ s creator, Yuji Naka, as supervisor.

    Virtua Demonstrator 4 released on the Triforce gallery system in 2005, and was upgraded in 2006. It had on the internet play with ALL.Net.


    In Japan, Video game Maker listed Virtua Demonstrator on their July 15, 1995 issue as being both the 2nd most-successful gallery game and the most-successful dedicated gallery game of the year. A critic for Future generation praised the initial Virtua Striker as both “” exceptional to play and also see.”” He cited the smooth as well as precise control, sensible player actions, video camera which constantly zooms in or bent on the best framework at every moment of play, “” stunning”” texture-mapped players and also backgrounds, and realistically strong defense. He gave it four out of five stars.

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