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Step 3) Attach your external drive that stores the backed up data. Insert your bootable media of CloneZilla into the computer and reboot the system. You need to change the regular boot order and use the bootable disk of Clonezilla.

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To avoid using up an activation, you should deauthorise any software that has this option prior to cloning. Note this is not an issue with cloning as such, and the same issue can occur when restoring from a Time Machine backup.

However, if the source disk uses more space than what is available in the target disk, it is not possible to clone all the content onto the target disk. Cloning can take a number of hours to complete, depending on the size and structure of your data. It’s probably best not to do anything on the computer while its cloning – to maximise speed and reduce the risk of newly created files not being transferred. When Disk Utility opens, you will see all the drives (including any optical drives/disks) in the machine. You will see your current boot drive listed with an orange icon this is your current hard drive.

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To see the ones compatible with your machine select your machine by Serial Number or Model ID. Then go to the Internal Hard Drives & SSDs section. This will display drives that are guaranteed to be compatible with your Mac. When changing your drive, you are making a change to your computer that is detectable to software installed on your machine. Some software has anti-piracy measures built into it which will interpret the change as being installed onto a new computer, and will require reactivation before it can be used. If the software has a limit on activations, and you vidmate.down4you.software have already reached that limit, reactivation may be difficult.

Step 12) You are required to choose the target or destination drive. You need to be very careful since the cloning process is destructive and will wipe all the data, including partition tables and MBR. In situations where the external drive is larger than the disk you are cloning, it would be useful to select the expert option. It should enable you to choose which partitions you want to use.

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